Louisiana Code of Evidence 2023 Available; Recent Amendments

Louisiana Code of Evidence 2023 Book Cover

Louisiana Code of Evidence 2023 Book Cover

Louisiana Code of Evidence 2023

In 2022 the Louisiana Legislature amended Article 412.1, copied below.

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Art. 412.1. Victim’s attire in sexual assault cases

A. When an accused is charged with a crime involving sexually assaultive behavior, or with acts that constitute a sex offense involving a victim who was under the age of seventeen at the time of the offense, the manner and style of the victim’s attire shall not be admissible as evidence that the victim encouraged or consented to the offense; however, items of clothing or parts thereof may be introduced in order to establish the presence or absence of the elements of the offense and the proof of its occurrence.

B. The rules of admissibility of evidence provided by this Article shall also apply to civil actions brought by the victim which are alleged to arise from any crime referenced in Paragraph A of this Article committed by the defendant, whether or not convicted of such crimes.
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