About the Publisher

Access the law at your fingertips with Gulf Coast Legal Publishing, LLC.  We’re dedicated to providing legal professionals and law students with high quality, reasonably priced, user friendly legal titles. Founded in 2015 by Nicholas M. Graphia, a practicing Louisiana lawyer frustrated with the limited options available for legal titles, many being overpriced, printed on small pages in small sized font, and filled with excessive editorial materials—Gulf Coast Legal Publishing’s mission is deliver value for all readers.

About the Author

Nicholas M. Graphia is a Louisiana attorney focusing on property insurance claims, contract law, and bad faith litigation. A former insurance agent and defense attorney, Nicholas has over 17 years of experience in the legal and insurance industries. He routinely uses his knowledge and experience to help home and business owners get the money they need to repair their property. Visit www.LaInsuranceClaims.com for more information.