Louisiana Insurance Code, Volume II

This 2017 edition of the Louisiana Insurance Code, Volume II contains the full text of LA R.S. Title 22, Chapters 5 through 18 as amended through the 2016 legislative sessions. See the summary of contents below. Volumes I and II comprise all statutes of Title 22.

Containing a detailed table of contents, this edition is a useful reference book for attorneys, law students, judges, academics, and anyone else interested in learning about Louisiana insurance law.

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 5: Producers and Other Regulated Entities
Chapter 6: Payment of Claims
Chapter 7: Fraud and Unfair Trade Practices
Chapter 8: Examinations and Investigations
Chapter 9: Rehabilitation, Liquidation, and Conservation
Chapter 10: Guaranty Funds
Chapter 11: Commissions and Associations
Chapter 12: Administrative Orders, Hearings, and Appeals
Chapter 13: Pilot Programs and Databases
Chapter 14: Joint Legislative Committee on Insurance
Chapter 15: Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
Chapter 16: Insure Louisiana Incentive Program
Chapter 17: Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
Chapter 18: Internal Claims and Appeals Process and External Review Act